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    CGPA Booster : An Inisiative to Help the Vertos

Education Can be achieved, not recieved

Knowledge can be gained, not snatched

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Why Choose Us?

Our motto is to boost your CGPA by providing you the right study material. All the study materials that has been provided is in direct relation to all the existing subjects. As students, we faced problems during our end terms and mid terms for a quick revision. We are here to remove those difficulties by creating a single platform with all the relevant study material like hand written notes, PPTs, MCQ questions and Live video lectures and doubt clearing sessions.

Our Solution

We are providing you ppt notes of each chapters. PPTs are divided topicwise to help you to understand better.Currently we have uploaded the semester 1 to 4 study materials. In coming some days we are going to upload for other semester also.
As the pattern of our mid term and end term semester exam is MCQ based. So to make you understand the exam pattern questions in better way. We are providing you the MCQ question chapterwise.
Hnadwritten notes plays an important role in prepration for exams. So, to help and make you understand better. We are providing you the handwritten notes of programming subject and mathematics.
In online mode, we face various issue when it comes to do and write the practical reading. So, elemimnating this problem we are going to provide hand written practical notes of each topic. So that you can get the idea for how to write and take the readings in each practical.

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